Poland is becoming more accessible to foreign visitors

Reduction of airline tickets' prices, opening of borders and significant simplification of procedures related to people's transfers have made Poland more accessible for visitors from abroad. Our country is abundant of fascinating history, stunning architecture and beautiful nature. Poland hides many secrets that are worth exploring. And now they are even more available to you thanks to the growing network of roads and railways, national low-cost connections, and many investments in tourism infrastructure in Poland.

Destino Poland's mission

Incoming tourists really appreciate the diversity of Polish landscape, the beauty of nature, a rich list of the great works of architecture and countless secrets hidden in its lands. Poland is known throughout the world for its history, the "Solidarity" movement and Lech Walesa, perfect musical works of piano genius Frédéric Chopin, great discoveries of Marie Curie-Sklodowska, amber and many more. DestinoPoland's mission is to familiarize achievements of Poland and the Poles, both foreign and our compatriots who want to explore new places.

Visiting Poland will somehow let you discover our spirit, our national identity that consists of a number of factors. We invite you to take a look and try to understand who we are.

Recalling the saying about the "Polish hospitality" we encourage you to take your seats and prepare for the trip to our country. We take care of everything.

Destino Poland team shares the catalog of the most popular and most visited places in Poland. However,  this is only a small part of what Poland has to show.