Białowieża National Park

An example of the last and the largest remaining parts of the primary forest that was present on the European Plain. Its symbol is a European bison ( in polish "żubr").

Słowiński National Park

Almost 55 per cent of the park's surface is water. You will find there lakes which in the past were nothing but the sea bays. The activity of the Baltic Sea and wind separated bays from the open sea and created lakes. Among a huge range of attractions of the park, the highlighted are: moving dunes, Open Air Museum of Slovincian Village in Kluki and the Lighthouse in Czołpino.

Tatra National Park

The highest of the Polish national parks. Rich in breathtaking views. Here you can encounter many waterfalls and unique rock formations than anywhere else.

Ojców National Park

Just 16 kilometers away from Kraków, in a small valley of Prądnik and Saspówka rivers, you will take part in a great trip toThe Pieskowa Skała Castle, The Chapel of St. Joseph the craftsmen called also The Chapel on the Water, the ruins of the gothic castle in Ojców and discover the wonders of nature such as The Club of Hercules in Ojcowski National Park.

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